November 12, 2018


Cavimax is a creamy and light foam with a fresh and mentholated aroma of cutaneous and genital use. It keeps the skin supple and makes it more resistant.
This foam has a great hemostatic power so it reduces the bleeding time of the wounds. It reduces inflammation, protects against infections and accelerates wound healing.
Uses: 1. Furunculosis Interdigital bacterial, caused by traumatic implantation of the hair in skin or by inlay of a foreign body.
2. Abscesses in general, once opened, drained and extracted the foreign body if necessary, apply CAVIMAX to the affected tissue until it is completely covered.
3. Infections of the annals glands
In the case of a serious or chronic injury, recurrences are very common, Cavimax is highly effective so that they do not occur.
Use in the genital area after births as a protector frete to possible infections, reducer of the inflammatory process and accelerator of the cicatrization.
Aerosol presentation of 200ml.