Chemical Ibérica has a long career in the animal health sector. During more than 35 years, Chemical Ibérica has followed four guiding principles:
VOCATION OF SERVICE, which allows us to provide our clients with global solutions by means of our plants of production in Salamanca and Brazil whose facilities and equipment are authorized according to the GMP -the current legislation in the European Union-.
WE BET FOR INNOVATION. Research and development have been, are and will always be priorities for CHEMICAL IBÉRICA. As a result, the products which conform our guides are the most innovative solutions for animals of production and companions . They will enlarge our extense catalogue, in which there have been integrated vaccines elaborated by recombinant techniques, autogenous vaccines, injections, specialities based on extracts of plants and on essential oils, insecticides and hygienic products.
TEAM WORK. Our company seeks to promote responsibility and team work, and so we provide our employees with precise permanent training which allows them to develop their full potential and achieve our client´s expectatives, as far as quality, safety and the supply and development of our products are concerned.
CLOSENESS TO THE VETERINARIAN. The technical and diagnosis departments are constantly in touch with veterinarian surgeons in order to support their management with diagnosis, technical and laboratory measurements when required.


Hyalophyt MSM médium breeds

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Exocrine Omega

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